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Monday, June 4, 2012


I cannot come up with a cool blog title. Everything I type in looks a little silly to me. I was thinking of putting something about me and Jason....but then I thought, "Jason doesn't ever blog. So it's not really the Rose and Jason anything, cuz I'm the blogger." Anyone have any tips on writing a catchy blog title? I ate like crap this weekend. I had a choir concert Friday and Saturday night. We performed Vivald's Gloria. I am in love with this piece. Even though I kind of hate the choir I sing in. We put it together with an amazing orchestra. I mean these guys were really good. My teacher hired these awesome musicians. I think they were a lot better than the choir. After the concert on Saturday night, Jason and I were starving so we got a fatty, delicious pizza. And yesterday I stuffed my face with it after I finished fasting. And it was SO good. Now it's back to the real life though. I have lost a good amount of weight but my goal is to keep going so I can feel better about myself. I have to keep myself really focused if I'm going to do this. And now I must go do Insanity. The supplement I just drank is starting to kick in, so I am pumped up and ready to go! woohooooo.

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