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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Three day Shakeology cleanse

So, Friday began a new adventure for me. I started the three day Shakeology cleanse. It was an interesting experience...I don't really feel motivated to do it again. I was expecting some major die off, but I ended up being really regular. I just had to pee A LOT. Day 1: Started the morning off with Yogi Detox tea. After P90X, I had a shake. Tropical Strawberry is not the best flavor for the cleanse, but it's what I had. A couple hours later, I had a piece of fruit. Later, another shake and tea. Later on, another shake. Finally, dinner with a 3 cups spinach, 3 cups lettuce, 4 oz. turkey, and two tbsp. of non-dairy dressing. I was really hungry in between shakes and dinner. Others have said they didn't have cravings and didn't feel hungry, but I experienced a lot! Day 2: Same eating routine, although I cleaned the house after my workout. I think I overdid it a bit this day. I was pretty tired. Day 3: Pretty much the same routine, except I didn't workout. Today (Sunday) is my weekly rest day. Still pretty hungry throughout the day and after the final salad. Even though I dropped four pounds by Day 2, I still don't know that doing this for three days has been worth it. I guess I'll know tomorrow morning when I weigh myself. Most people seem to have major bowl movements during the cleanse, but as I already said, I was normal. I am a little disapointed, since I was hoping to really clean myself out and truly experience a cleanse. My husband suggested that it may not be cleaning me out since my diet was already fairly clean. However, I had just enjoyed Thanksgiving goodies as well as my birthday, which included cupcakes! Major problem for me: HUNGER. I may try this again in the future after the holidays are over, but I can't say that I will for sure. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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